Yandere #1


Name Yuka Takaoka
Image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRdWw2HrhIayxwccJClH-du-0jY0zISg2rhAg&usqp=CAU
Caption Photo of Yuka in police car
Date of Birth 28th January 1998
Place of Birth Shinjuku city , Japan

Yuka Takaoka a.k.a Real life Yandere was a attempted murderer from Japan , she's obsessed with one of her co workers. She decided to kill him… because she's jelly of her other co wokers so she decided to kill her so no one can have him. she was arrested 2019 and released in 2023


⚠️please note: Her actions aren't justified whatsoever, the victim forgive her for trying to kill him but still she's did something fucked up and that's not okay. The following wiki page it's just for educational purposes of the incident and I have no intention of glorifying this retard⚠️

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