Yandere # 3
Name Kofuku
Image nqrse.600.2576758.jpg
Caption Kofuku fanart by Hanana Caine from zerochan
Date of Birth ???
Place of Birth ???
Origin Manga book: Gourmet girl graffiti

Kofuku might not seem like a typical yandere, but this sweet and bubbly girl has a dark side that even Bishomon, the goddess of war, won’t mess with. She’s fully aware of everything going on around her and isn’t afraid to threaten the gods if they threaten her or hurt anyone she cares about. Though she’s not worshipped and considered a nameless god, most gods will avoid her because they fear her unusual abilities and how powerful she is. After seeing Bishomon and Yato fight, Kofuku opened a vent to stop them. She loves to have fun and be a little mischievous, but this usually causes a lot of chaos in the world around her. All the characters should be happy that Daikoku is there to keep her in check because Kofuku could potentially end the world if she wanted to.


Courtesy: Game Rant

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