Yandere # 4
Name Allison Winter
Image ???
Caption The information about her looks and history it's still unknown
Date of Birth 4th July 1989
Place of Birth United Kingdom.

Allison is a Norwegian-born American. She was born in the United Kingdom on July 4th, 1989. She was arrested for harassment towards the Jude's Family (Family member's name being redacted.) Limited information is available about her identity, but the case gained significant attention on a now-defunct forum website. Allegedly, there are nine MP4 files that show Allison stalking the family for over a decade, dating back to 2004-2017.

I didn't find any more information about Allison stalking case. there's no records or news article about it. (Probably a hoax) The video file was found on her ThinkPad Laptop with a Linux Operating System. Police who collecting the evidence said that "The laptop was sticky and had a weird strong smell." Ewww

There's no update on the case or the video in the laptop.

The video still missing to this day and people haven't talk about it since then.

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