Yandere # 5
Name Monika
Image artworks-000254624831-37rr44-t500x500.jpg
Caption Photo of Your character and Monika in the void
Date of Birth September 2nd
Place of Birth Virtual World
Gender Female
Origin Video Games: Doki Doki literature club
Creator Dan Salvato A.K.A Super Smash Bros gamer B)

Monika (モニカ) is a main character and the poster girl of Doki Doki Literature Club!. She is the President of the Literature Club and is the game's driving force, directing club members to write poems until the club festival, which enables and develops the characters and story.

The other characters describe Monika as intelligent, confident, and athletic. She is not as talkative as the other girls, but it is hinted that this is not by choice. Monika is also known to be highly popular, which makes the protagonist admire her. She is always depicted as mature and hardworking, with a serene, compassionate expression on her face.

Monika had previously been a part of the Debate Club but left due to all the inner politics and drama, highlighting a desire for order, freedom of topics and friendliness. The Literature Club, which she founded after leaving the Debate Club, is very important to her. She aspires for the Literature Club to be a place to showcase and grow everyone's passion for literature. She also has a passion for piano, which she practices frequently after school.

Monika was originally a very considerate and kind person who was always thinking about the needs of other people. She openly displays care and concern for her club mates, praising each member's writing style and even comparing them to famous authors and poets. However, it is later revealed that at some time before the start of the game, she underwent an epiphany which made her discover that she was in a game and also granted her the ability to edit the game's variables, changing her attitude towards the other girls because she knew they were not "real". She begins taking drastic measures when the other girls prevented the player from being able to spend time with her during the scene in Act 1 where the player has to choose a girl to help for the festival.

In desperation, Monika begins trying to make the other girls unlikable by altering their traits, as she only had the ability to edit variables within the game and did not want to delete/kill the other girls right away because of her lingering attachment to them. She starts with Sayori as she viewed her as the largest threat because she was the main character's childhood friend. Monika's alterations backfire because Sayori's increased depression level causes her to confess her love to the main character in an attempt to find happiness, then commit suicide the next day, regardless of the choice the player made. Monika then decides to delete Sayori's character file because "she is the one who's making this so difficult."

From Act 2 onward, she becomes even more manipulative than before. As the time goes by, she resents more and more having no romantic role in the game, as that meant there was no happy ending coded for her. She also makes her infatuation with the player more obvious and urges them to spend more time with her. Her desire and ambition lead her to become obsessive in this goal, highlighted by the fact that all of her poems are about the player or her epiphany. She also starts to disregard the other characters and amplifies their traits due to the fact of them not being "real". Ultimately, Monika's attempt to make the other girls unlikable led to her accidentally driving Yuri to suicide due to alterations to her personality, then finally to her simply deleting Natsuki in order to be able to spend time with the player alone in Act 3, creating her own "happy ending."

Despite Monika's upbeat attitude in the Literature Club, it becomes increasingly obvious that she is actually sad and lonely, as a result of being aware that her whole world is just a simulation. The worst part is that she can't even achieve what is considered "happiness", since her route can never be completed. She is fixated on obtaining the love of the player because they're the only "real" thing in her life. Monika's actions are also motivated by her desire to escape the torture she endures whenever someone quits the game, as when that happens Monika is trapped in a hellish void of noise, lights, colors, and screams, unable to move or even think. This is mentioned during Monika's Talk in Act 3.

After deleting Yuri and Natsuki's files, Act 3 will happen, where she creates a world for her and the player, she will explain her motivations about her love towards the player. She will state that the main character does not exist, and that she only loves the player themselves. She will also explain how she amplified the other girl's undesirable traits to make them less likely to confess their love towards the protagonist. This includes Sayori's depression, Yuri's obsessiveness, and Natsuki's harshness. Monika will open the poem mini game once more, except only distorted words of Monika's name are available, and only Monika's sticker sprite is present, with a loud ambience playing in the background. The background is now red with black glitches, different from the original desk background during the mini game. After giving the poem to Monika, she will believe that the player wrote the poem specifically for her, and she calls the player sweet.

At this point in the game, the player will be able to read Monika's Talk where she talks directly to the player, albeit in a somewhat nihilistic manner, instead of the protagonist. It is shown that nothing about Monika's apparent kindness and politeness is an act, and she even offers the player some genuinely good advice from time to time.

If the player then decides to delete Monika's character file, she will immediately vanish, and search for her file in a panic. When she finds out the player deleted her, she will be mad at the player and tell them that they "completely, truly make me sick." After a small pause, Monika tells the player that she still loves them. She will then feel the weight of her actions, realize the horrible things she has done to the other girls, and state that even though she knew they were not real people, she still saw them as her friends. Monika then restores the game, saying that if she really loves the player, she will bring back what they would have wanted. Monika is then absent for the rest of the game, until the final part of the normal ending.

If the normal ending is achieved, Sayori becomes self-aware, and glitches the game back to the room Monika stayed in on Act 3 for only the main character and herself. Monika will then delete Sayori's file, saying “No… I won't let you hurt him.” Monika states that there is no happiness in the Literature Club, and then deletes the entire game. The song "Your Reality" will play while the credits roll, which is inferred to be the song Monika wrote for the player. The game's CGs will be deleted during the credits, and a bittersweet letter from Monika will be shown, thanking the player for joining the Literature Club. The game will now be rendered unplayable until it is re-installed or the "firstrun" file is deleted.

She's on the list because, she's just obsessed with the player itself, a no lifer gamer who needs to touch grass.


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